About Us

Our Offering

OpenLight Factory Ltd offers lighting professionals objective and inclusive services that collect information from various sources and thus enable fast implementation of high quality lighting projects.

Through Spots community You can share your best work, benchmark colleagues and companies, comment on others' work and link with the people you collaborate with.

OpenLight Factory Ltd also brings the actors and the shareholders of the lighting field together in events and happenings where the centre stage is reserved for the latest technology, most recent innovations and advanced know how. See more in http://www.openlightfactory.com

The Team

We are a small team of professionals coming both from lighting and ICT industries. We are based in Tampere, Finland. You can find more information about the company from our web sites http://www.openlightfactory.com/about-us/

In case you would like to contact us directly, please find the contact information behind the following link: http://openlightspots.com/spotsol/en/contact