OSRAM provides new museum lighting with LED technology

Product Details

Lighting solutions for museums are a fine art in themselves. At OSRAM, engineers and scientists from various sectors have got together in order to implement concept to manage lighting situations. Concept manages to combine all the most important properties to single luminaire.

Flexible control options make it possible to set the light from warm white to cold white when needed. Museums curators can easily adjust color of the light and conditions for matching the lighting environment to the requirements of the individual exhibits on show.

Thanks to OSRAM OSLON LEDs, color rendering is excellent, over 90. Lighting has components of natural sunlight, but without the harmful radiation in the ultraviolet and infra-red ranges and all colors are nevertheless reproduced with a completely natural appearance.

What's more, the maintenance costs are lower thanks to the very long LED service life. After all, the lighting system is designed for 50,000 hours, so the concept is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly


About the Company

Oy Osram Ab