Stylish Siteco Lunis® 2 LED downlight

Product Details

Siteco Lunis® 2 LED downlight series features an extensive range of luminaires for public premises. The most powerful member of the product family now boasts luminous flux of 3000lm, making the luminaire ideal for a wider variety of uses. The luminaire combines energy-efficient LED technology, high-precision optics and stylish design. The downlights are available with various lighting distribution and reflector options and an IP54 cover glass provided as an optional extra. The average lifetime is 50,000 hours (L70) and the colour temperatures available are 3000K and 4000K. Siteco Lunis® 2 is quick to mount, even without tools.
The Siteco Lunis® 2 luminaires are also available as versions controllable via DALI control system or equipped with metal halide lights. The luminaires have a 5-year guarantee.