Pentagon Design Helsinki, Philips

This video showcases the LED lighting installation from Philips at Pentagon Design offices in Helsinki. Pentagon Design share the benefits the new LED lighting solutions have brought to their premises and business.

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FreeStreet, Philips

Designing the new and innovative FreeStreet lighting system.

The system eliminates the need for traditional streetlight poles. Instead a narrow cable strings together a line of slim-line LEDs which are virtually invisible during the day, and at night appear to float in mid-air.

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Livera, Philips

An interview with the Livera store owner and manager where the Philips fitting room solution is used. Customers can adjust the lighting in the fitting room in this lingerie store to their wishes to create more atmosphere.

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ShoppingMall Carre De Soie Lighting Project Interview, Philips

Philips Lighting Project Interview Carre de Soie

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Retail Gallery, Philips Lighting Gallery

Overview of five lighting projects in Retail

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